How were Paparazzi and Casanova coined?


A paparazzi is an impulsive photojournalist who makes life of celebrities quite a mess and brings the top photos to their fans. This term is quite a usage currently in modern media. It was taken from a movie character  in the 1960 Italian movie La Dolce Vita. A photojournalist named Paparazzo .The screenwriter who coined the name for the character claimed that Paparazzo is an Italian family name but it is the name was taken as it is loosely based on term papataceo , which means large and troublesome mosquito. (Perfect name of the profession isn’t it? )

Casanova , also called as a ‘womanizer’ is inspired from an actual person named Giacomo Girolamo Casanova. Born in 1725 in Venice he was a scam artist , spy, alchemist and church cleric. He was quite a genius who graduated when he was an early teen. However later on he became famous all over  Europe because of his gambling pursuits and of course his scandals involving women. He fought duels and went to prisons multiple times.His autobiography is named Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life).



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