Why is King Tut’s tomb most talked about?

King Tutankhamun  (c 1332 – 1323 B.C.E.)was an Egyptian Pharaoh who died young at the age of nineteen.The cause of the death still remains a mystery . The mummies of Egyptian pharaoh were laid at a special site called as the Valley of the Kings. If was a belief that all the things of basic requirements should be sent with the dead ones as they might need them afterlife. For the same reason, the kings were loaded with heavy jewels, clothes and flowers.


However, after their burial, most of the tombs were looted by the thieves. As a reason the , the mummies found by the researchers do not bear any gold or the jewelry worn by the pharaohs.

But King Tut’s tomb was an exception.Founded by Howard Carter and George Herbert in 1922. His tomb was found almost intact .It bore all the jewels and gold he was buried with.This was a major achievement for the researches as they could finally see the extent of Ancient Egyptian’s wealth and culture.The most famous being his death mask all made of pure gold.


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