Why do we need Oil to fry food?


What is common in fried chicken, french fries and potato chips? Yes, they all are fried and savor your taste buds despite being totally unhealthy. Everyone knows fried food has enough calories to make your dream of perfect body shatter into pieces. So why can’t you just use calorie-less substances like water to fry food? Ever wondered?

Well the answer lies in boiling point. The crisp and crunch of fried cuisine is because of the water contained in them in occluded form or simply water of hydration gets evaporated (water of hydration means water is attached in the food molecules such that even after evaporation the chemical composition remains same ).

In order to remove this water, food is to be heated beyond boiling point of water (i.e. 100oC ).This can’t be done with water as medium as it would also get evaporated.

Hence, the oil servers two purpose –

  • The oil can be heated upto 150 oC without charring the food.
  • Being non volatile at this temperature , heat from oil helps in frying.

The reason was quite simple and logical. Isn’t it?  🙂

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