Find Real Creatures beind Finding Dory

I am a huge fan of Pixar Animation Studios and its latest release Finding Dory stole my heart. But what impressed me the most was the animation done by the animators that hold perfect resemblance of the sea creatures . Lets see their actual look and facts regarding them- DorY Collage

Dory is a Regal Tang Fish

The aunt who forgets everything does forget !!! It actually have a short memory span and is also known as Hippo Tang.

Nemo Collage

Nemo is a Clownfish

All clown-fishes are born male by default. Only one female clownfish dominates the group. If she happens to die, the largest male turns himself to female. This change is irreversible.They live in a symbiotic relationship whit sea anemone and are immune to their poison.

Octopus Collage

Hank Sectopus is Pacific Red Octopus

The pacific red octopus actually hold great IQ , it can open jars, mimic other octopuses and solve puzzles. As shown in movie, it can almost blend into any surroundings due the changing pigment in its skin.


Destiny is Shark Whale

It is the largest fish and is almost size of a school bus! Unlike other sharks, it is very calm and docile and sometimes allows the divers to hitch a ride. ( Surely I want to be its hitchhiker)

Beluga Whale collage

Bailley is a Beluga Whale

Beluga whale is also know as white whale and they use SONAR technology ( echolocation) .It is highly sociable and is found in Arctic region. Its head is called melon which specializes in auditory senses.

Hope you enjoyed these striking resemblances and little facts. Most of the creatures shown above are endangered so lets do our small part to save Mother Earth.



Photo courtesy – National Geographic, Pixar Animation Studios and others.


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